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Kori Wray is an award winning vocalist and songwriter known for her strong stage presence, wide repertoire of music, & high-energy performances. Kori captivates the audience’s attention from the moment she sets foot on stage. Born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada and raised in both the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 


Kori’s sound is hard to pin to just one genre of music. Kori has been recognized for her ability to cross over from genre to genre. In Jazz she has been compared to Ella Fitzgerald. Her Pop style is similar to Christina Aguilera, Funk, Tina Marie, Soul, Aretha Franklin, Country Carrie Underwood & Wynona Judd, and Tribute styling is self explanatory. All that said, she has always been viewed as a powerhouse. 


My influences are Stevie Wonder, Karen Carpenter, Tina Turner etc. If Kori could pick an era of time that she encompasses fully it would be the seventies. To her that was when Music was most appealing. Never mind that everyone she admires was either up and coming, or mainstream in that period of time. 


Kori has recorded her Country/RnB album at the Platinum Lab in Nashville TN with Producer Jim Purdy, and Co-Producer Dino Pastin. Currently Kori is currently writing and recording her next CD with the help of Independent Artist/ Producer Dino Dominelli. The CD is already creating a buzz within the industry. 


“The best interview I remember was with Ben Mulroney from Canadian Idol. ”Ben Mulroney interviewed Kori for Canadian Idol while pretending to work out with her in the Legendary Hotel MacDonald weight room during the Filming of Canadian Idol. He chose Kori because she had been picked by all the producers of the show to be a finalist. 


Kori has also had the opportunity to open up for artists such as Ice-T, Young Mc, Patricia Conroy, Tamia, the Osmond Boys & Trooper. She has had the privilege to be invited up on stage during live concerts by famous artists such as Lee Arron, Trooper, Jeanette Brantley, Boys II Men, Alfie Zappacosta & Michael Buble’. 


Sporting Events has also become a big part of her life as she has sung the National Anthem (Canadian & American) for the Maximum Fighting Championships (Live and on pay- per-view) The Edmonton Trappers/Wildcats/Alberta Bodybuilding Association & the National Bodybuilding Association. 


Testimonial: Sandro Dominelli

“I truly look forward to working with Kori, as throughout her career she has developed the reputation of being a highly professional and outstanding creative musician. Her drive and passion is unmatched, and through her collaboration with Jamie Sparks ECMA Winner she has absolutely ensured success.” 


Kori was first discovered by David Foster as a Child, and then again by Juno Nominated Jazz Musicians, Sandro Dominelli, & Andrew Glover. They both gave her the first taste of what it was like to perform in a live setting at the Sidetrack Café. 


Her onstage experience since then has had her performing live with various artists such as Steve Eaton, Samantha King, Jeanette Brantley, Alfie Zappacosta, Sandro Dominelli, Dino Dominelli, & Chris Andrew. 


In 2006, Kori was chosen for call backs by nine recording companies at the Showcase of America. The showcase has opened up opportunities that have allowed her to record her album with Jim Purdy/Dino Pastin in Nashville & other highly trained musicians such as Juan Winans (of B.B. and CC Winan Family) & Drea Renee.(Michael McDonald’s back up singer) Her guitarist was from the country band Alabama, her drummer was from Trisha Yearwood’s band. 


Her album first CD was released in August of 2007 entitled What The Year Has Done. Kori has recorded on two tracks for Blues Award winning band Boogie Patrol. Kori is a recipient of the Rawlco Grant, and has written her own songs, as well as recreated cover songs by artists she is inspired by. 


Kori Wray is conquering the Jazz Scene. Not to far from the apple tree, as her husband Dino Dominelli and her Brother in law Sandro Dominelli are veterans in this area.


Kori’s next step is to continue writing/producing her own material and continuing on with her dreams, Music. 

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